Do you believe in fairytails?

Imagine a landscape in which you can be whomever you want and live the life you’ve dreamed of. When looking at this Fairytail Landscape from Carl-Henning Pedersen, a painter from Copenhagen, I can imagine myself in a world where everything is colourful where I feel free in a fantasy world and there is music and laughter. Was this what the Danish painter intended to illustrate with this painting?

The Danish CoBrA artist Carl-Henning Pedersen is a CoBrA artist, the CoBrA movement is a group of avant-garde painters, sculptors and graphic artists, and is known to create colourful, lively fairytale worlds on paper populated by giant birds, golden ships, amazing starry skies, horses and creatures of every conceivable form and type.

As I’ve visited the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen several times now I’ve just noticed his work on my last visit. I was drown to this painting, staring at the vibrant use of colours. A marvellous fantasy world…Can we have some more of that in the real world please?

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