The colorful exhibition “Play as Protest”

About my Sunday at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art. I have visited the Cobra museum several times now and it is always a pleasure. There CoBrA collection shows a wide range of the international Cobra movement, as well as revealing the dynamics between the various members of the group. The COBRA movement was a non-conformist avant-garde group founded by painters, sculptors and graphic artists from the Danish group Host, the Dutch group Reflex, and the Belgian Revolutionary Surrealist Group. This group excited from the year 1948 to 1951.

The Cobra museum is also a very nice museum to visit with children. There is a “Children’s Studio” which is open every Sunday from 11:00 am to 14:00 pm. Children can get inspired first in the museum and then create there own art piece. they can paint and/or drawn under expert supervision.

So, this Sunday, I was curious to see the exhibition from Enrico Baj. An Italian artist whom is described as quirky and portrays his opinion and criticism about politics through his work. I’m not sure if I understood his work well but I did found it interesting to see the use of different materials in his work. The exhibition “Play as Protest” is shown in the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen until the 23rd of April.

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